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A warm welcome to the website of ECP where all information can be found related to the organization, who we are, what we do and how you can participate in the fight against cancer through prevention.

Building a strong team fighting against cancer!
Within the European Community cancer causes more than 700,000 deaths per annum and a good proportion of these should be preventable. It has been estimated that 30 to 40 % of human cancers are caused by lifestyle and dietary factors. This number could be reduced by appropriate changes in lifestyle and diet. The early detection of cancer at various sites in the body has also been proved to save many lives. Not only does Europe offer a wide range in incidence of all of the most common cancers, but it also has a similarly wide range in dietary patterns, environmental exposures and social behavior. Europe offers an ideal ‘laboratory’ within which to test or to formulate hypotheses on the causation of human cancers.
Recent progresses in molecular biology together with the results of many epidemiological studies have greatly extended our research tools by identifying intermediate markers for cancer risk. These markers can identify individuals at increased risk for cancer and allow monitoring of preventive interventions or strategies. As more and more intermediate markers become available and new diagnostic tools emerge, primary prevention becomes a reality, with lots of power in the fight against cancer. Due to the availability of these new tools to the medical community and the growing body of preventive strategies, a shift from medical curative and palliative medicine into prevention has been noted. ECP, as a scientific organization with a worldwide network of co-workers and over 20 years experience, is ideally positioned to guide and support this process and ensure a solid transition from treatment to prevention in the most efficient fight against the disease. Various working groups conduct scientific research in the area of cancer prevention.  For more information, please consult one of the ECP headquarters.
The European Journal of Cancer Prevention is the official Journal of ECP with a worldwide distribution and strong increase in impact factor and submission rate.
Finally, the new program of ECP with regard to “Travel Grants for Young Researchers in Cancer Prevention” is active! Please have a look and participate.
This website is constructed with the help of many researchers and members of ECP to guide you in the field of cancer prevention, who we are, what we do, and how you can join us for an important mission.
on behalf of ECP, Jaak Ph. Janssens ~  President

More info: sabine.janssens@ecprevention.org