Prevention of Breast Cancers Summary

Prevention of Breast Cancers kopiërenAnnual meeting of the European Cancer Prevention Organization

Genk –  Hasselt November 21-22, 2014

Program Summary

Prof. Jaak JanssensJanssens

Should we speak about breast “cancers” instead of “cancer”?


Prof. John-Paul BogersBogers

Molecular types of breast cancers


Prof. Eric LegiusLegius

Hereditary breast cancers

Prof. Coral A. LamartiniereLamartiniere

Genistein in the diet as a preventive agent in breast cancer

Lamartiniere Nov 2014 Belgium Presentation

Prof. Jose RussoRusso1

The molecular mechanisms of the dual effect of pregnancy in risk and prevention of breast cancer

Russo 1

Dr. Brian CzernieckiCzerniecki

Vaccination against breast cancer and it role in prevention

Prof. Carlo La VecchiaLa Vecchia

Overweight and diabetes

La Vecchia

Prof. Jose RussoRusso2

Chromatin remodeling by 15aa peptide of hCG as preventive strategy in breast cancer

Prof. Jack CuzickCuzick

SERMs and aromatase inhibitors for cancer prevention


Prof. Andrea ManniManni

Omega – 3 Fatty Acid Administration for Breast Cancer Prevention


Dr. Niva ShapiraShapira

The Israeli paradox

Dr. Donata LerdaLerda

Breast cancer screening and early detection: the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer – ECIBC

ECIBC Hasselt Nov 2014+for publication lerda

Dr. Luc RotenbergRotenberg

Premalignant lesions imaging

Dr. Namanya VianVian

Knowledge and practice of breast self-exam among female students at Makerere University: a probable tool for early detection to prevent breast cancer in Uganda

Prof. Jan VandevenneVandevenne

Breath test for breast cancer screening

Prof. Wiebren TjalmaTjalma

Breast cancer screening for women between 50 and 69

Prof. Paul GuelinckxGuelinckx

Surgery in breast cancer prevention

Dr. Katrin SeidenstückerSeidenstucker

Risk reducing mastectomy and breast reconstruction

Prof. Rudiger Schulz-WendtlandSchulz-Wendtland

Breast imaging diagnostic – update and future

Dr. Ulrike NitzNitz

Prognostic & predictive impact of commercially available genomic signatures – an overview of the European landscape

Dr. Tom BoterbergBoterberg

Candidate molecules for targeted therapy in cancer

Dr. Simonetta MontiMonti

Experience of the European Institute of Oncology in the use of intra-operative radiotherapy with electrons (ELIOT)

Monti 2


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