International Conference on Prostate Cancer Prevention 2013 with Consensus Conference on Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer

Meeting contact details:

Dr. Mangesh Thorat 
M.B.B.S., M.S.(Gen Surg), D.N.B. (Gen Surg), MNAMS
Centre for Cancer Prevention
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Queen Mary, University of London Charterhouse Square
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ISCaP, the International Society for Cancer Prevention is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 with a mission to provide an international forum for research and development in cancer prevention, promote interaction among laboratory, epidemiological and clinical researchers in cancer prevention and conduct educational activities to enhance professional and public understanding of cancer prevention. ISCaP has so far organised 6 biennial Clinical Cancer Prevention meetings with special focus on bridging the gap between laboratory-based prevention activities in model systems and large scale clinical projects, such as the major prevention trials which have a more public health focus. The 7th biennial meeting will focus on prostate cancer prevention and will be held in Milan, Italy from 15th to 16th March 2013 alongside the 28th Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress.

The Specific aims of this meeting are:

1. Review evidence and progress on options for prevention of prostate: The proposed meeting is the 7th in a series of biennial Clinical Cancer Prevention meetings previously held in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Several new reports regarding cancer prevention by pharmaceutical means have been published since the last meeting; for example, positive new data on aspirin and prevention of a wide range of cancers, but negative data on vitamin E and prostate cancer, and a negative judgement by the FDA on the 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. In addition, new genomic platforms have the potential to improve our risk-prediction abilities, and thereby allowing tailored approaches in cancer prevention. It is now timely to re-evaluate and discuss the most current evidence in the field of cancer prevention with specific reference to prostate cancer. A session has been dedicated to prostate cancer screening where two large randomised trials on either side of Atlantic have provided conflicting evidence, the investigators of these two trials will debate the role of screening and one of the chief investigators of the large UK-based screening trial (ProtecT) has also been invited as a faculty. In addition a panel discussion will be devoted to the political and social issues associated with the acceptance of preventive therapy as an acceptable cancer control strategy.

2. Facilitate interaction among scientists in the field of cancer prevention, stimulate research collaborations, introduce in-training scientists and clinicians to the field and stimulate them to carry out research in the field to move the field forward: Previous Clinical Cancer Prevention meetings brought together leading experts from around the world to conduct wide-ranging discussions on cancer prevention, particularly chemoprevention. The unique feature of these meetings has been engagement of experts from both sides of the Atlantic and also experts from Austalasia. These meetings have resulted in knowledge-sharing, exchange of ideas and stimulated research collaborations. We aim to continue this important tradition in the next meeting. The meeting alongside the EAU congress will be able to target much broader scientific and clinical community with interest in prostate cancer prevention, and also generate interest in junior scientists and clinicians. To facilitate this, the meeting will feature an interactive session with the faculty where in-training/junior clinicians and scientists will get to meet the faculty on individual basis to discuss the research ideas, goals and career advice. We hope that this will further stimulate the science of cancer prevention to move the field forward.

3. Evaluate current evidence relating to preventive therapy for prostate cancer and draft a consensus statement on recommendations for research and practice ( up to 20 observers allowed due to space constraints, invitation only): During two most recent meetings, a session was dedicated in each meeting to develop a consensus statement on a major topic in cancer prevention. In the 5th biennial Cancer Prevention meeting, a consensus statement on the use of aspirin [Cuzick J et al, Lancet Oncol. 2009 May;10(5):501-7] was produced while a consensus statement on prevention of breast cancer [Cuzick J et al, Lancet Oncol. 2011 May;12(5):496-503] was produced in the 6th biennial Cancer Prevention meeting. These statements have been well received and highly influential worldwide. The consensus statement for the proposed meeting will focus on chemoprevention of prostate cancer. The session will cover a very wide range of topics, and it will involve participation of a broad range of international experts. Topics of interest will include preventive therapy in the general population, at different ages, and in high-risk individuals. Among the agents to be discussed will be vitamin E, vitamin D, and range of other agents like aspirin, NSAIDs and dietary supplementation with lycopene and other nutrients, as well as more pharmacologic approaches such as the 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, DFMO, and ipilimumab. Both positive and negative results have been published recently in relation to prostate cancer prevention; therefore, the session on prostate cancer prevention is likely to generate a very lively debate. There will also be discussion regarding the US FDA’s rejection of 5-α reductase inhibitors for prostate cancer prevention. The discussions in this session are, as before, expected to lead to a consensus statement on recommendations for research and practice. We anticipate that this statement will also be published in a high-impact journal as in previous cases.

Invitation letter

Dear Doctor

We are pleased to invite you to the 7th cancer prevention meeting called ’’International Conference on Prostate Cancer Prevention 2013’’. The conference will focus exclusively on Prostate cancer and will be held alongside the 28th Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress on 15-16 March 2013 in Milan. Programme is available to view on the EAU website; please scroll down and click on Special session. All the speakers have confirmed their participation as per the attached programme even though they do not appear on this EAU link yet as are yet to complete some EAU paperwork.

The conference has been awarded 9 credit points for continuing medical education by ACOE (Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe) and the decision on application to UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists) EACCME is awaited. An accreditation of the UEMS (EACCME) is also recognised by the AMA (American Medical Association) and the PRA (Physicians Recognition Award) in the US as well as by the respective accreditation boards in China and Japan.

The registration fee for the one day ’’International Conference on Prostate Cancer Prevention 2013’’ for a non-urologist delegate is 150 EUR + VAT.

If you are a non-urologist and would like to register for the conference please send an email with your first name, last name, title, hospital or private address and an email address to the registration department at  before the 31st January 2013 including the  code ‘’CAP2013 non-uro’’ in the subject line.

If you are a urologist, you would need to register for the whole EAU symposium through EAU registration website. By registering for the EAU conference you will receive full access to the congress and the cancer prevention meeting. Please click on the link of the registration website here: and the registration procedure is explained here:

If you require accommodation, a selection of hotels is available with special congress rates on the website: and Star Alliance discounts for travel at  .

Abstract submission: Abstracts are welcomed to be emailed to  until 31/01/2013. The limit is 250 words. Topics should cover one of the following: prostate cancer risk factors, screening or prevention. Selected abstracts will be invited to be presented as posters. Same abstract may not be submitted at both the EAU congress and the prostate cancer prevention meeting. Posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the meeting and discussed at an informal session on the 15th March 2013. A prize for the best poster will be announced at the meeting.

We look forward to greet you at the 7th cancer prevention meeting ’’International Conference on Prostate Cancer Prevention 2013’’!

Best wishes

Jack Cuzick                                          Frank Meyskens                                               Arnulf Stenzl

President, ISCaP                              Past president, ISCaP                                     Chair EAU congress  


International Society of Cancer Prevention 
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