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ECP was established in 1981, by Prof. Michael Hill (UK), Prof. Paul Mainguet (Be) and Prof. Attilio Giacosa(It) and several other physicians, to promote collaboration between scientists working in various European countries and to use the large population of Europe with their wide range of lifestyles as a laboratory for the study of cancer causation and prevention. The organization acts worldwide as an additional source of independent and authoritative information on cancer causation and prevention for governments, health professionals and the media.

The General Assembly, with legal voting rights, is selected by the Board from the members of the Society. The General Assembly meets every year. The whole organization is ultimately controlled by the General Assembly, presided over by the Board. The Board is elected every three years.
ECP legally has a president (Prof. Jaak Ph. Janssens – Be) and a treasurer (Dr. Belinda Johnston – UK).
The Scientific Committee monitors the overall scientific programme of ECP. This body includes Heads of all the Working Groups and a number of distinguished scientists chosen for their expertise in various aspects of cancer prevention.· The administrative work of ECP is carried out by headquarters in different countries. The secretariats guarantee an intense communication between the Members and are responsible for the administration of various scientific projects, financial support and organization of international meetings.
The official journal of ECP is the European Journal of Cancer Prevention.
More info?  Please contact Sabine.Janssens@ecprevention.org
Honorary Members ECP
Prof. Michael Hill – Honorary President (+)

Founder of ECP - Michael J Hill

Sen. Tomaso Zanoletti

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