ECP’s stakeholders

It is obvious that the population should know how lifestyle affects cancer risk and how individuals can do something to decrease their personal risk.  There are a wealth of channels and media available to inform the population and these have the responsibility to bring the right messages and here ECP is a preferred source where they can obtain PEER reviewed scientific materials.

The party that is excellent in implementing prevention strategies are the many governmental bodies world-wide.  As we know from history and contemporary research, governments can have major impact in protecting the population through infrastructures that makes life more healthier.  In addition, the population can be informed about lifestyles such as smoking, nutrition, physical activities etc.  In particular for schools and children.  But at the same time, governments can help in registration and data collection and provide content for new scientific research.

The scientific community increasingly puts energy in providing new knowledge and tools.  Clinical, laboratory and epidemiological research in cancer prevention can be found in almost every university.  Pharmaceutical and medical device industry proved to be a valuable partner as well. The European Journal of Cancer Prevention is one of the major platforms where this research is centralized, evaluated and published.

The health care system, traditionally dealing with patients and families, can have a major impact of lifestyle and should be at regular times informed about new possibilities in cancer prevention implementation programs.  For example, the medical administration of primary and secondary schools can contribute to a healthier lifestyle for children.  And not to forget, family practitioners can inform almost every single person about bad habits and pick up individuals at increased risk for certain cancers.

ECP organises international meetings to bring these actors from very different disciplines together around a topic of mutual interest, but at the same time provides external support to different national meetings and sister organizations.

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