Travel Grants

The European Cancer Prevention organization (ECP) is extremely pleased to announce the creation of a unique resource of financial support for young cancer researchers who need to travel in order to further develop their expertise in cancer prevention.

Travel grants will be made available for active scientists with a maximum of 5 years postgraduate that intend to choose a career in cancer prevention. The purpose of the travel is to enlarge knowledge from established research centers, to initiate multicenter projects, or to present data at international cancer or life sciences conferences.

In the past, ECP has put effort in organizing meetings between scientists, clinicians, and epidemiologists to exchange as much as possible knowledge that can be useful in primary and secondary cancer prevention.  In addition, at regular times, international studies were launched with the help of international or national grants.  These studies consume substantial funds and energy, and take several years to conclude.  The studies were mostly carried out in Europe with young researchers under the supervision of an active ECP member.

But cancer prevention is a global endeavour and researchers from all over the world should get access to ECP grants.  On the other side, financial restraints have to put in account as well. Young researchers need to establish knowledge, networking, training, learning events, a channel for hypothesis generation, and communication of own work. All these activities should give the young scientist an appetite for science in prevention.  Young individuals have a lifetime ahead and this is necessary in prevention studies that take up a long time to achieve results. This is why we prioritized travel grants for young researchers.

What we ask from the candidate:
–  To fill in the application form
– Original invoices of the travel tickets
– A summary that can be published as letter or short paper in the Eur J Cancer Prev and/or ECP website after the trip


What the candidate expect from ECP:
– reimbursement of train/air/taxi tickets from days of travel to and from the destination.  For air ticket we assume cabin class with a maximum of 1000 Euro. But exeptions are possible on an individual basis.

More info: Prof. Koen Kas

Prof. Dr. Koen Kas

Also contact:

The relevant more detailed information and application form can be downloaded from our website: or by request

Complete applications should be submitted for review at least 8 weeks (56 days) before the travel date to:

Feedback on will be given within 3 weeks post submission.

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