Michael J Hill Memorial Lecture

The highest distinction of our organization is the

Michael J Hill Memorial Lecture

for insistent high quality research on prevention of one of the most dreadful diseases of our time.  Pioneering work that is already the base of contemporary science but also is the lead for many young researchers in the years to come.

ECP established the yearly Michael J Hill Memorial Lecture to document important contemporary work on cancer prevention by world recognized and outstanding researchers.  Eminent work on cancer prevention that realized the dream of our first ECP president Michael J Hill.  He was a pioneer researcher and convinced of the power of prevention.  He supported the use of all available technology in the pursuit of his main goal: primary prevention.  He also realized that research on prevention is a continuous fight that is seldom recognized in its true dimensions.

Since 2007 the Michael J Hill Memorial Lecture has been awarded to:

2010 Prof. Irma & Jose Russo, Philadelphia, USA
2007 Prof. Attilio Giacosa, San Remo, Italy

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