30 Years of European Journal of Cancer Prevention: science for the future

Our favorite Journal has been around now for exactly 30 years.  As editor, I’m extremely proud, and grateful to our diverse readers for the support, applause and, occasionally, well taken critics that constituted the success, and that has made us a well-informed, unbiased professional community that prioritize cancer prevention in the broadest sense.

Since the launch by Prof. Michael Hill,  the submitted content has improved considerably and, as Prof. Carlo La Vecchia eloquently described in one of his most recent papers, we are winning the fight against cancer. Mortality indeed has dropped in developed countries 25 per cent compared to 30 years ago.  It is the success of an enormous medical and industrial effort, and the Journal has assisted admirably in this challenging process.

We cannot allow to pass this anniversary without adequate celebrations.  Editors, Publisher, and prominent ECP members wrote a short high-level paper about what they found the most noteworthy evolution during the past 30 years in their discipline.  The papers will be published in volume 30 of the Journal during 2021. Content will also added to “collections” on the Journal’s website and some of these contributors will appear on video as well.

It might be expected that the Journal will stimulate decreasing cancer incidence and mortality even further in the future.  What we did in the past and do now will be seen in the next generations in Western but even more in developing countries.

Prof. Jaak Ph. Janssens