New meeting on Precision Oncology 2019

A personalized approach in oncology takes gradually over from guidelines and relies on molecular biology of cancer cells. The information comes largely from tissue research. Therefore we, ECP and spin-off companies, concentrated on high quality tissues coming from patients (treatment related) or individuals (prevention) in the most comfortable and safe way.

But there is another factor, advances in molecular biology are much faster than in traditional, evidence based medicine. So, there is a rising conflict between laboratories and the hospital. This gap is addressed in our meetings were we join with interventionists (providing the tissue), pathologists (turn tissues into homogenates), molecular biologists (with an enormous array of services), oncologists that must indicate what they need and summarize to the patient the huge amount of molecular data, and health economics (because someone has to pay).

We had a first meeting on October 12, 2018 and this was very successful. We now like to continue and will broaden the scope to an international audience. Therefore we need people, research groups etc. to join us in the planning. Maybe you are interested?

If so, tell